Gas Well Permitting Process

A gas operator interested in drilling for gas within the city limits must:

  • First obtain a gas permit application from the Development Department for a High Impact, Urban, or Rural classification permit.
  • Then complete the very thorough gas permit application and ensure they submit everything included in the application checklist. Requirements included in the checklist are described but not limited to the items listed below:
  • A signed, dated, and notarized original Road Repair Agreement. The Road Repair Agreement provides that the Operator shall repair, at their expense, any damage to roads, streets, or highways caused by the use of heavy vehicles for any activity associated with the drilling, production and operation of a well bore.
  • Provide the original Bond or Letter of Credit.
  • Provide a copy of the current Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  • Approved copy of the Railroad Commission Drilling Permit for each well in the application.
  • Copy of the signed, dated, and processed Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - Depth of Usable Quality Ground Water Surface Casing Form with the depth of the casing point assigned for each well bore.
  • Certified survey plat for the surface location, penetration point and bottom hole location of the well bore.
  • Provide accurate legal description and a plat of the mineral lease boundary.
  • Provide map of proposed transportation route for equipment, chemicals, or waste products used or produced by the site operations.
  • Provide video recording of the road conditions that exist prior to operations along the proposed bore.
  • Location and description of all surface owners within 600 feet of each well bore.
  • Provide the names and address of each surface owner within 600 feet of each well bore.
  • For Urban Well bores, provide a mailing list and a copy of the notification of intent to drill letter that was mailed to all Registered Neighborhood Associations within one half mile of the site.
  • Site plan of proposed production operations with wellhead, separators, tanks, meters, pipelines, compressors and storage sheds.
  • Site plan of proposed drilling and completing operations showing the location of all improvements, equipment, location of the proposed well bore and other facilities, including, but not limited to, tanks, pipelines, compressors, separators and storage sheds.
  • Description of public utilities required during drilling and operation.
  • Description of the water source that will be used during drilling.
  • For Urban and Rural applications, provide an affidavit by the printer or publisher indicting publication of the notice in a local newspaper for at least 10 consecutive days of the intent to file an application for a drilling permit with the gas drilling inspector.
  • Provide a photo of the required on-site sign that is to be placed at the location at least ten days prior to filing the application.
  • For most pad sites the Environmental Protection Agency requires a Storm Water Pollution Plan. A copy of the notice of intent is to be submitted to the City Department of Environmental Management, Storm Water Division three days prior to the commencement of any on-site activities.
  • Provide a reference to the copy of the Hazardous Materials Management Plan on file with the Fire Marshal and with the Gas Inspector.
  • Provide a reference copy of the Emergency Response Plan on file with the Gas Well Inspector. Said plan shall use existing guidelines established by the Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Department of Transportation and/or The Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Street Use Permit and Temporary Approach requirements should be obtained from the Transportation and Public Works, Street Management Division.
  • Urban gas wells require notification with affidavit to all surface owners or properties under lease within 300 feet of the proposed well bore.
  • The gas inspector then reviews the application and items included to ensure all required materials were submitted. Once a complete application is submitted by an operator the gas inspector has 30 days to review and approve it
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