Barnett Shale

The Barnett Shale, an unconventional natural gas reservoir, has the potential for huge reserves and is staggering by industry standards. The Barnett Shale play has expanded to cover over 10 counties and is rapidly growing. The original field "hot spot" of highly successful wells began in Wise and Denton counties and has rapidly moved south into Tarrant and Parker County (with even better success) and spread south into Johnson County and west into Palo Pinto, Hood, Erath, Comanche Counties with tremendous success.

Barnett Shale Coverage Map:

Horizontal drilling, 3-D seismic and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing has dramatically improved the initial production rates, sustained production rates and consequentially potentially high cumulative production in this area. Rates of 2,000 MCF/PD to 4,000 MCF/PD for horizontal wells are becoming the norm. The best and most recent Barnett Shale well is the 3-h Williams in Johnson County at over 7,000 MCF/PD. However, a potentially even better Barnett Shale well, which has just recently been completed and has a calculated AOF of over 8,000 MCF/ PD. The well is currently producing at a rate of over 2,000 MCF/PD. This well is located in Parker County and within several miles of our leases. The Denbury C-2H Brown, an offset to our Dearing-Churchill and Dearing-Rogers-Smith vertical wells 4000' South, started producing in July 2004 at a rate of 3000 MCF/D and through December 31, 2004 had produced 375,000 MCF (less than 6 months!). The well is currently producing at a rate of 2000 MCF/D. Of course, production from these wells and others in the area is often restricted by choke size, pipeline capacity, gas pipeline pressures and other factors.

The Fort Worth Basin area is an especially good area for shallow conglomerate and strawn production. We have seen evidence of this on most of our wells and leases. We have proceeded with evaluating these zones thoroughly while drilling. Both zones are above the Barnett Shale formation. These more shallow zones have often been prolific producers in nearby counties and areas such as the Boonesville Bend Conglomerate field of Wise County to the north.

Strawn & Conglomerate Pay Zones:
The Fort Worth Basin appears to have quality reservoirs and reserve potential from these more shallow pay zones. This is confirmed with a recently completed well drilled by Devon in southeast Parker County. The Devon well is producing at a rate of over 1,000 MCF/PD from the Bend Conglomerate. In summary, we are proud and excited about our future in this play.

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